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Time is money, and money buys happiness.

This page is set up for one particular reason, to enable businessmen such as Mr. Casey Schwartz and Mr. Justin Scaduto to publish their thoughts, ideas and idiotic musings on the web. Oh yeah, and this is our company's homepage, although most of this stuff has nothing to do with it. For example, a section without any relevance to our establishment is our section on Freestyle Walking. That doesn't mean you can't check it out though; we do have some quality pictures.

While it may seem like we have wasted our time, take a look at the creativity contained in this site. Our seemingly diminutive minds have been expanded as our feeble imaginations have been put to work. Please feel free to send this page to corporate executives for further evalutaion. Also, we are looking to have this site sponsered, so if you want to pay us to keep this running, please contact immediately and we may or may not respond, depending on how your background check turns out.

You may want to check out the page about the incredibly intelligent and exceptionally creative makers, Justin and Casey, or you may want to learn about our intensely competitive ranked company, Cervex Microsystems. We also have some cool links.

Please sign my guestbook (which isn't running due to lack of money ... *nudge* *nudge*) with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail! Please don't feel obligated to send checks with large amounts of money, but please contribute so we can keep this site running. And Justin and Casey eating.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

"Pulling apart the world as if it were legs"

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What's New?

These are the most recent, and most not so recent updates we made..chances are we need to update our update section and get rid of some old updates.

3/6/01  - Yeah ... sorry about not updating this but i well ... I don't really care all that much. But i did do it now ... There is a guest book, and a new random pic thinga ma jig. Dont complain cuz i won't care. HA

1/12/01 - Well folks I guess I should apologize, it has been a whole month since i updated it, I know all of our loyal fans are probably upset but I did add a new pic and I will try to keep up with it

12/3/01 - New pic for this week. Sorry, it was a whole stinkin day late...cry about it.

11/25/01 - We tossed up a pic of the week page, oh yeah thats right biotch. Check it out becuase you know we are awesome.

11/8/01 - Hey folks, its been a while since we updated this page, so i thought i might take the time to really introduce myself. I'm a six foot four Russian with an appitite for sailing. I think the highlight of my day is the first time i open my eyes and see my six wives still sleeping next to me. Anyway, some pics were added in the mistakes section if you want to check them out. If not, well, who needs you? Ha, I've got six wives.

10/28/01 - A really hot web counter was added, mainly to show all of the businesses the astounding amount of traffic that this site is subjected to.

10/24/01 - (again) Justin backed up the system and converted the old text support sytem to comply with y2k2 server Mandates published by the FDA. Also the webpage was moved from our old 82386 windows 3.1 server to a new p4 dual 2Ghz processor run on a RedHat Linux Box with each page running on it's on t3 cluster server.

10/24/01 - Casey rerouted the entire database sever to conform to the new 87.643 LAN support addresses.

10/19/01 - Added a link and fixed spelling errors...boob

10/12/01 - Casey made some unauthorized changes to the site, that may further the betterment of mankind.

10/11/01 - Pics added, supporting text to be added at one time or another....

10/5/01 - Site established and few things thrown together...please give us time to work on it. thanks.

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